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Towards human-centred drug policies


Illicit Drug Economies Tend to Flourish all Over the World.

Drug policy affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. The EU Drugs Strategy 2021-2025 is an important milestone in the global momentum towards decent drug policies and sustainable development. It aims to counter the global drug trade by empowering people to exit the illicit economy. Discover the stories of Ana, Mila and Kofi* and find out how effective human-oriented drug policies can be.

*The fictional characters are based on true interviews and events.


Listen to Ana

At first, the coca brought us income. But with the money came violence, violence on all fronts. Every morning I woke up terrified. I never knew what the day would bring. How did I end up there? With one foot I was in the grave, with the other in carcel.


The worst moment is when you hit rock bottom and realise: this one thing in your life controls everything. It is your income, your happiness.
Everything. I don’t want this life for my children.

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Death started circling around me, pulling me in. A girl I knew passed away and that shook me up. I’ve always avoided my fears but at some point, I had to face them.

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Before you dive into the personal stories, you might want to get an overall picture of the development over the past years - how the illicit production and use of cocaine and heroin have reached historic highs.